• To carry out activities in preventing HIV/AIDS rise in the community due to oil industrialization in the area.
  • To conserve the environment by planting trees for purpose of balancing the environment biodiversity.
  • To sponser orphans, disable children and girl child Education for purpose of raising responsive citizens for tomorrow using money generated from cultural performance.
  • To work in partnership with national park community to combat drastic increase of poaching by person or persons bordering the parks by establishing ¬†social economic projects in the community and to collaborate with other agencies in giving support to the local community for development. That is to say we volunteer to sensetize the local community about the importance of conservation natural resources.
    Community volunteers in a village meeting planning way forward for the development of the organization. In the center position 4 and 5 are Director and Project Manager respectively. Mama Africa Group of tourists who came and visited the organization where they planted some trees as land mark of their travel.


Be a hero in one’s life, consider this children as tomorrows future and we thank you very much for all supports to educate them.

Your 50 dollars donation can sponsor one term education of a child.