Women’s Empowerment Center

The Women’s Empowerment Center is in operation.  In February, the village hired a teacher to teach the village women how to use the foot-powered sewing machines and other equipment.​  The results have been amazing.

February 6, 2021:  Woman trying out the new sewing machines.

March 6, 2021: Angida Winnie, one of the Nursery Teachers,  Demonstrating the machines. They are foot power as there is no electricity in the village.

May 19, 2021: The drums, the dingidi (string instrument), the khaki picnic box, and the laptop bags with the pictures of Africa on them were all made using the  Women’s Empowerments Center’s new equipment.

July 14, 2021:  During the Painting of the WEC the women would move the equipment to the old shade structure to continue learning.  Here Abetegeka Gertrude a student at Bright Future School is learning how to use the foot power sewing machine.

July 23, 2021:  For classes, the women move the equipment outside into the shade of a tree.

July 24, 2021:  The joy of learning is infectious.

July 24, 2021:  Displayed are the blankets that the women have learned to make.

Jul 24, 2021: The Paraa dispensary nurses vaccinate children. The WEC is  now used  as  a mobile dispensary

August 18, 2021″ Displayed is the blankets the

Nov 2, 2020: The members of the Women’s Empowerment Center meet at the new building.  They are very excited about the opportunities this will open to them.