2023 was filled with some wonderful accomplishments and more insight into the needs of Mubaku Village. Over $48,000 was donated by 132 donors.

At the start of the year, the Village Medical Clinic opened. One European tourist provided the funding to build and operate a Medical clinic. We are grateful for his generosity.

In February, Charles Oyer visited Southern California.  He met with many groups, which resulted in the following;

  • Ten more kids were sponsored to attend the school,

  • 30 more kids were sponsored to be in the dorms,

  • A fundraiser was held to buy the children soccer uniforms,

  • Funds were raised to build a water tower with a solar-powered water pump and

  • The balance of funds needed to finish the dorm was raised.

During the summer, the children at Moorpark Presbyterian raised funds to buy 645 books for the school.

The number of sponsored kids in the school and the dorm increased from 120 to 149. 13 of the new sponsors backfilled for sponsors who did not renew.

In September,  Board members Michael and Gayle Hughes were able to attend the opening and dedication of the dorm for orphans and at-risk girls and boys. Seventy-five children now live in the dorm under the care of Matron Angida Winnie.  A benefit of being in the dorm is that they get an additional daily lesson focused on the areas the children need to improve.  At the dorm dedication, it was apparent how much the village appreciates Charles’s and Donna’s leadership.

For the fall 2023 semester, the school hired a husband and wife team, Charles and Christina Orwothowun.  They are experienced teachers and spend a half day training the existing teachers on Saturdays.

The Women’s Empowerment Center store was founded under the direction of Julie Baluka.  Tourists now stop regularly, and items are being sold.  More women are learning skills at the center.

During the year, Amodi Jackline, the new school bursar (accountant), determined that the school fees were not covering expenses.  During our visit, we reviewed her work and agreed with her that an additional $15 a year was needed to cover school costs. Given that information, new rates of $65 to attend the school and $165 to live in the dorms and attend school will start for the upcoming winter 2024 term.

For the next project, the village has asked for a second primary school building so that each grade can have a dedicated classroom.  It will cost $20,000 to build the four classrooms and a library.

We have three challenges this year:

The first challenge is that it appears that 24 to 30 sponsors will not be renewing their sponsorships.  We hope we can recruit replacement sponsors.   Please consider going to  https://mubakuschool.org/donate/ to sponsor a child.

The second challenge this year is the need for more classrooms.  Please consider going to  https://mubakuschool.org/donate/ to donate to its construction.

The third challenge is that five of the girls are finishing primary school. It will cost $360 a year to send them to secondary boarding school. All the girls come from low-income families or are orphans, so that cost is unattainable for them. So far, one of the girls has gotten a sponsor. We are hoping more secondary sponsors can be found. Please consider going to  https://mubakuschool.org/donate/ to support these girls’ secondary education.

We appreciate the support from over 300 donors since 2018 who are transforming the lives of the children and adults of Mubaku Village.

-Best regards,

Michael Hughes, CFO,  Mubaku Educational Foundation

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