There are a number of ways to donate to the Mubaku School Foundation and Mubaku Community Conservation Organization.

We are currently raising money to build the school, but you can send money for sponsoring children also.   $50 per year sponsors a child’s educational expenses for one year, including books, uniform, teacher fees and a hot lunch plus some support to the general student population.  Just let us know by sending an email to . when you make a sponsorship donation.

There are multiple ways to give.

PayPal contributions.  Click the Donate button

If you want to send cash or a check mail a check to:

Mubaku Educational Foundation;
P.O. Box 70.
Agoura Hills, CA

Facebook Fundraiser

If you want to help raise funds for the school a good thing to do is a Facebook fundraiser for Mubaku Educational Foundation.  It’s easy to set up and helps spread the word about Mubaku Bright Future Nursery and Primary School.  Just look for Mubaku Educational Foundation, which is listed in their menu of approved charitable organizations.  Facebook charges  no processing fees, so everything donated will come to Mubaku Educational Foundation.  You will be amazed how many people see this as an important project.

100% of what you give through Mubaku Education Foundation goes directly to Mubaku Village’s school efforts. Only exception is a small fee that paypal and gofundme charge if you give through them. The Board is all volunteers and receive no compensation. All Mubaku Educational Foundation operational and formation costs are personally donated by board members

Contributions so far

As of March 31, 2019 we have received $16,716 through GoFundme, PayPal, or Check donations! We need a little more to cover building the latrine and furnish the classrooms.  As of March 31, 2019 have spent $14,201  on construction.     Other costs including finishing the latrine, plastering, floor, furnishing etc are expected to be under $4,000.

There are regular status reports on the website (Click Here) and in the upcoming newsletter.  Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.

Mubaku Educational Foundation works through the local Uganda organization “The Mubaku Community Conservation Organization”

The Mubaku Community Conservation Organization  Important Notice:

In 2014 MUCCO was incorporated in Ngwedo Sub County, Buliisa district as a not for profit Community Based Organization (CBO) with registration number CD/037/16/17.

Mubaku Educational Foundation Important Notice:

On March  11, 2019, Mubaku Educational Foundation (MEF) was granted  tax-exempt 501(c)3 status by the IRS.