August 11, 2023

Dear friends and supporters of Bright Future School in Mubaku Village, Uganda:

We are excited to inform you that Mubaku Educational Foundation board members Michael and Gayle Hughes will be making a trip to Uganda beginning on August 29. They will spend several days at the school to celebrate all our accomplishments and to help discuss the current and future needs of the community and the school.

In addition, they will be visiting a school supply store in Kampala to purchase $2,700 worth of books with money that was raised as part of a fundraiser held during Moorpark Presbyterian Church’s Summer VBS.  It would cost $16 just to ship one pound of books to Uganda, so buying them there will provide many more books for the school.

Upon their return, we will publish our next newsletter and include photos and videos so you can see how your generous help has enhanced the lives of not only the children of Mubaku but the community at large. As always, thank you for your generous support.

Their trip provides you with a unique opportunity to send a personal letter to your sponsored student or a general letter to the school or women’s empowerment center.. If you wish to handwrite something, you can mail it to:

Michael Hughes
12970 Andalusia Dr.
Santa Rosa Valley, CA 93012-8865

You may include photos if you wish, but please, no gifts, as that would not be fair to the students who are not sponsored. All mailed letters must be received by August 27th. You may also email a letter to: He will print your letter and hand deliver it to your sponsored child. Feel free to include photos in your letter as well.

In other news,  Charles paid a visit to Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California, when he was here in the fall. The students were so enamored with Charles and our mission that the students decided to organize a bake sale to buy sports equipment for Bright Future School. They managed to raise over $1800, which was enough to buy soccer uniforms, balls, and goals.

The dorm has been fully funded and is mostly complete. We are still awaiting delivery of the paint and the bunk beds, but the students should be able to move in before next school term. This will make such a tremendous difference for at risk students. We want to thank all who contributed, with a special thanks to Apguard Medical for their very generous donation.

Once again, thank you for all your love and support. We look forward to delivering your letters to the students.

With much appreciation,

Executive Board of Mubaku Education Foundation