Nov 2021  

Greetings to all who have faithfully contributed to support the Bright Futures Nursery and Primary School & Mubaku Village during the worldwide pandemic.  We have some great news to share about the Women’s Empowerment Center and the next building project.

Women’s Empowerment Center Becomes a Beacon of Hope

Fachan Doreen at the sewing machine

This past year has proven difficult for the village of Mubaku. Earlier this year, the pandemic forced the closure of most businesses as well as the school. Things were beginning to return to normal when the Delta variant forced the closure of the school once again. During the initial closure, as there was little to keep the young people of the village occupied, several of the girls became pregnant. Most likely, they will not return to school once the babies are born. In the past, their futures would be uncertain. Now they have the option of learning a skill through the Women’s Empowerment Center

Although the school has been closed, the Women’s Empowerment Center has been a buzz of activity. Earlier this year, we hired an expert seamstress and teacher to train some of the women to sew and weave. One student of particular note is Fachan Doreen, a disabled mother of two who lives in the village. She has become quite skilled and has been placed in charge of the project. She has trained several other women and is now training some of the young girls who have not been attending school during the lockdown.

Oyer Dona modeling a Kitenge made by Doreen

Doreen and her team of women have been able to obtain several contracts from nearby Safari lodges to make table cloths and Kitenges, which are colourful pieces of fabric fashioned into various patterns and designs. They are traditionally worn by women and can be wrapped around the chest and waist, over the head as a scarf, or used as a baby sling.

As was our original hope, the Women’s Empowerment Center has helped provide the women of the village an opportunity to learn new skills and generate an income as well as providing an activity for the girls while they are not attending school. In addition, the WEP has become a meeting place for large events such as local council meetings, immunization clinics, and girls’ health instruction.

Waiting for their turn at the vaccination clinic

The executive board of WEF along with the people of Mubaku are eternally grateful to all of you who contributed to this project and helped make the dream a reality. May the Women’s Empowerment Center continue to be a beacon of hope and an important and integral part of Mubaku Village.

The Importance of Building a Dorm


When surveyed, the majority of parents in the village said that building a dorm should be our next priority. The advantages of residential education in Uganda have been well established which is why many private schools in Uganda offer both day school as well as boarding options.  Most of the students in Mubaku travel relatively long distances on foot to reach the school. Not only does this expose them to potential dangers like baboon attacks, it takes up several hours per day of potential study time. Upon returning home, many of the students, particularly the girls, are expected to perform household tasks such as gathering wood and water, cooking, and caring for siblings, which leaves minimal time to focus on their studies.

Students who live on campus are generally more successful academically as they have much more time to study and live amongst other like-minded students who prioritize education. They tend to develop better social skills and learn how to work with a team.

Food security is not always guaranteed at home, whereas boarding students are provided with three meals per day. Other advantages include a significant reduction in early pregnancy and a secure, consistent environment for our orphaned students.

Proposed dorm 3D rendering

The Mubaku village council decided that a dorm is their top priority. The executive board of Mubaku Educational Foundation supported that decision and worked closely with the village council to finalize the plans and construction budget. The dorm will house up to 24 boys and 34 girls and will include separate quarters for the Matron. The anticipated budget is $21,000 USD. We have already begun purchasing building materials and will continue as additional money is raised.

As you may know, more than half our students attend on full scholarship and we will seek the same support for our boarding students. The anticipated annual fee, including three meals per day, is $150 USD annually. Winnie, one of our compassionate and nurturing teachers will be the Matron

Thanks to the generosity of donors like yourselves, we have already accomplished so much in a relatively short amount of time. We are calling upon you once again to help with this very important project. Please remember that your donations are fully tax-deductible and that 100% of your donations will go directly to the project, as all administrative costs are covered by us, the executive board.

Here is a link to the Dorm page on our website which contains the green Donate button.

Your small act of love and kindness creates ripples and spreads, enhancing the lives of children less fortunate.

Once again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!!