The Importance of Building a Dorm

The village decided that a dorm for at-risk girls and boys was their next greatest need. There are several reasons that the dorm is needed to help ensure the highest level of success for our students.  The dorm was completed in August 2023 and dedicated in Sept 2023.

 AIDS has left Uganda with one of the highest percentages of orphans per capita in the world. The dorm would create a semi-permanent home for these children and provide them with both emotional and academic support. 

Location of Dorm on  Master Plan for Main Campus

Until recently, education for girls was not a priority for many families. We are excited that we currently have more girls than boys enrolled at the school. However, many of these girls are not as successful academically as the boys, as they are expected to perform many household tasks upon returning from school and are left with little time to study. This is true to a lesser degree for the boys. In addition, early pregnancy is prevalent in the village, resulting in a large dropout rate for the girls. Housed students are able to focus on their studies and avoid many of the roadblocks to matriculation. 

Most schools in Uganda are mixed day and boarding schools. Our plan is to give the families the option, dependent upon their needs, desires, and ability to pay. Currently, more than half our students attend on full scholarship, and we will seek the same support for our residential students. 

Building a dormitory doesn’t happen overnight. MEF worked with MUCCO to finalize the construction and operations budget.  The construction budget will be roughly $20,000 USD.

Construction Plans for the Dorm

The dorm houses up to 24 boys and up to 34 girls by using bunk beds. There are separate quarters for the matron.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Funds Raised

As of March 1, 2023, the full budget of $21,000 has been raised and sent to Uganda. See the donations at work below!

Fully Funded!


June 2023: Dorm Progress

Stucco is finished!  The floor pour and painting are still to go!


May 18, 2023:  Plastering almost finished

June 6, 2023:  Plastering Complete.  Painting is next

June 6, 2023:  Boys have moved into the dorm to free up the classroom they have been staying in.  Once the floor is poured on the other side of the dorm, they will move in there.


Oct and Nov 2021: Supplies are arriving as funds become available

Oct 9, 2021: First delivery of brick

Oct 9, 2021:First Delivery of Sand (School Latrine in the background)

Oct 9, 2021: Supplies showing first school building in the background)

Nov 20, 2021: The cement for the foundation has arrived

Dec 16, 2021:  Foundations of the dorm being dug. We need to raise $700 to get the skilled workers on-site to start the foundation bricklaying.

Dec , 2021: Bunk Beds for Dorm being loaded in Kampala


Jan 4, 2022: Foundation bricks laid

Jan 4, 2022: Rosemary Aweko has been taking care of the school while it has been closed and watching over the first phases of the dorm construction.  She is the deputy headteacher at the school. She teaches the nursery section.

Jan 4, 2022: View of the foundations looking toward the latine (on the left ) the original for classroom building (on the right).

Jan 4, 2022: View of the foundation from the other corner, looking toward the open area where the children play football (soccer)

Feb – June 2022: Walls are rising!

We are currently waiting for more contributions to continue construction.

Sept 2022:  Current Construction Status

A video status of the construction of the Dorm. No commentary.  Near the end of the video, the first school building is shown.  Construction will continue once more funds are raised.


Jan 2023: Dorm Roof

We have received more funds, and the dorm roofing has started

Jan 18, 2023: Roofing Timbers being loaded for delivery to Mubaku Village

Jan 23, 2023: First Day of Working on the Dorm roof

Jan 27, 2023: Roofing TrussNearing Completion

The next project is to build another classroom building so that each grade will have it’s own classroom and to house the schools’s growing library.