June 2021  

Greetings to all who have faithfully contributed to support the Bright Futures Nursery and Primary School & Mubaku Village during the worldwide pandemic. In order to keep students safe from contracting Covid-19, and in some cases, to protect young girls from teen pregnancy during the pandemic, it became imperative to ramp up our plans to build dormitory housing. Living at the school, even if it means sleeping on concrete floors, is still much safer for some students than returning to their homes, where they risk exposure to a variety of dangerous situations, some of which could affect the health and well-being of other students and school staff. Building dormitories, however, doesn’t happen overnight.

Until we are able to raise the needed funds, 24 of the highest risk students are being housed in two of the existing classrooms. Bunk beds have been ordered to accommodate them. Students staying in the “makeshift dormitories” are being supervised by Teacher Winnie and are provided with three meals a day. The Mubaku School leadership team has determined that it will cost $150 per year to house and teach each student staying in the dorms.

Our Mubaku Educational Foundation is currently exploring additional ways to increase our resources to build the dormitory. We are currently forming a Resource Development Team that will explore innovative and creative ways to raise funds. This could be as simple as running a Mubaku Educational Foundation fundraiser on your Facebook page using this URL to set it up: www.facebook.com/fund/mubakuSchool. If you are interested in participating, please email . We need your insights and ideas.

School Has Mostly Reopened

The current school session began on May 17th for the oldest Nursery class through Primary Level 7 students (the highest grade level at the school). With school starting, it is time to renew sponsorships. If you have not yet done so, simply go to the donate button on the Mubakuschool.org website and indicate the name(s) of the student(s) you are sponsoring. Additionally, there are many students needing sponsors for the 1st time. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, the yearly cost is $50, and includes the teacher salary, uniforms, books and supplies, one meal daily. Just click the donate button on the website and email us a note that you would like your donation to be used to sponsor a child. You will then be assigned a child, sent a receipt, and soon thereafter, receive a photo of your child. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

There has been so much happening at the school…even during the pandemic! The physical building of the Nancy Wright Building, intended to house the nursery school students and the Women’s Empowerment Center is now complete! The Women’s Empowerment Center is now in operation. We hired a teacher to instruct the women how to use the foot-powered sewing machines and other equipment. However, we lack desks, tables, bookcases, books, and other supplies, that will cost over $3,000. Please go to Mubakuschool.org to donate and to see photos of the wonderful progress that has been accomplished with your support!

Thank you for your ongoing contributions! You are truly making a difference in bettering the lives of the students and families in the Mubaku Village. We hope you will stay involved, as we address the future needs of the school and students. Thank you for spreading the word about Mubaku. Every little bit makes a huge difference in the lives of children in the village.

Left to Right: Peter Roth, Lisa-Ann Galati, Charles Oyer, Gayle Hughes & Michael Hughes

Best regards,

The Mubaku School Educational Foundation
Board of Directors

Please note: 501 (c) 3 Status
All of your tax-deductible donations, except a small PayPal fee, goes directly to Mubaku Village’s school efforts. All Mubaku Educational Foundation operational and formation costs are personally donated by board members. Donations may be given through PayPal at the mubakuschool.org website or by mailing a check to:

Mubaku Educational Foundation
(Please note change of address.)
12970 Andalusia Drive
Santa Rosa Valley, CA

How Your Donations Help:

$25 can provide 3 students’ physical education (including sports uniforms)
$50 can sponsor one student for the school year
$150 can sponsor a child to attend school, as a resident on campus 7 Days/Week,
(excluding holidays) for the year
$75 can provide a teacher’s salary for one month
$125 can provide 3 desks, giving 9 children classroom seating
$45 can provide one triple bunk bed for student housing