Staff and Volunteers at Bright Future Nursery and Primary School

At Mubaku community our teachers don’t just teach but also help the local community in a number of ways.   They repair boreholes wells so that the locals don’t have to go to the river Nile to get water and risk being attacked by crocodiles. They identify income generating opportunities for the youth that will keep them in school.   They encourage the youth to embrace their cultural heritage by teaching then their songs, dances and crafts.  They teach youth and adults to be environmentally aware on how to improve the world around them .

However the fundamental goal for every child is to be able to read and write so that they get a good job.

Parmu Robert, Head Teacher

Parmu Robert a 40 years old male Ugandan. He is a Catholic by faith and is a married man with four children. His highest education level is senior six which he completed in 1997. He had planned to become a professional doctor but he couldn’t proceed because all his parents died and left little children whom he had to come back home and look after them. To sustain a living, he decided to join a nearby school in which he started teaching and he later gained more experience. He is now stable with the teaching job as he is looking forward to upgrading himself to become a certified teacher.


Rosemary Aweko,  Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher

Rosemary was born in Mubaku.

She finished her four year lower secondary school “O-Level”. In 2016 she started as a volunteer teacher with Bright Future Nursery and Primary School. She was planning to attend PTC/NTC (parent Teacher College/National Teachers College).   But she had challenges with her husband who stopped her volunteering  because she was missing most of the home responsibilities like cooking, farming, and other responsibilities that women do at home.  This led her to go back to her parents and she is back with us again.

Ozhelle Hosea Gilbert, General Executive Secretary of MUCCO, Co-Coordinator of Sponsored Students.

Dec 13, 2018: Ozhelle inspecting the school construction

Gilbert was born in a fishing Village called Kabolwa in Kisiabi Parish, Buliisa District in 1994, and attained his study in Arua District (West Nile) Region, Gilbert completed senior six in 2014 and joined Mubaku Community Conservation Organization as Volunteer Head Teacher at Bright Future Nursery and Primary School.   His mother is a peasant farmer and his father is a fisherman, Gilbert has one eye that does not work well.  He plans to attend University and attain a degree in Business Administration


Abor Moses, School administrator.

Abor Moses was born in 1996 in the Northern part of Uganda,in Lira district. He join Premier Credit limited – a small financial institution – as a loan representative in the year 2013.    He was later appointed as the assistant branch manager and went for further study at Makerere Business Institute.




Ayiorwoth Oliver,  Teacher

Ayiorwoth Oliver is 19 years old.

She teaches mathematics in P.3, P.4, and P. 5 classes. She just completed O level (senior four )and failed to continue for further studies due to lack of school fees but is planning to raise some money to take her back for a course. Ayiorwoth  . She is a good netball player and also likes watching movies.



Birungi Bashaba, Teacher

Birungi Bashaba is 19 years old. She was born in  a village called Biiso, Buliisa district. Her father died in Nov 2010 when she was in primary four class. She was brought up by her mum who is a peasant farmer. She completed senior four class in 2017. She had a dream of becoming a nurse but due to inadequate finance, she decided to relent from continuing and volunteered to teach at Mubaku school.   She decided to change her mind to pursue the dream of becoming a certified teacher after discovering that she has the ability and talents in teaching.



Michan Patrick, Teacher

Michan Patrick, a Ugandan aged 27 years old.He was born in Ngwedo centre Buliisa district. Both parents  are peasant farmers and he is married. He studied and completed senior four class in 2013. He teaches mathematics. He is also responsible for games and sports at the school. He wanted to become an electrical engineer but couldn’t pursue that dream due to lack of financial means.



Maditrwoth Richard, Teacher

Maditrwoth Richard is am Ugandan aged 22 years old. He completed his senior four class in 2016. He is married to a wife and has a child. Both of his parents are alive. He had planned to join PTC (Primary Teacher’s College) for certification but unable to due to lack of money.




Angida Winny, Teacher

Ms Angida Winny is a Langi by tribe. She is a female Ugandan aged 24 years old. She is engaged. She completed her senior four class in 2015 after which she joined a Nursery Teacher’s Training Institute in 2016. She is now a certified Nursery teacher but is looking forward to upgrading her certification to a diploma level. Both her parents are alive.




Thorac Immaculate and Anirwoth Manuela, School Cooks


Donata Kasangaki ,  Treasurer of MUCCO,  Co-Coordinator of Sponsored Students.

Donata was born in Northern Uganda in the lira district with Rwandan father and Lango (Luo) mother.  She completed her secondary education at Premier Secondary School Lira district in 2017.

Donate is married. Donata lost her mother at an early age and was raised by her grandmother.  She loves playing with children, and dancing.  Her ambition is to become a nurse in the future.  She is currently pursuing computer study at YMCA Kampala Branch at the Diploma level.


Charles Oyer, Founder and Chairman of MUCCO

Charles Oyer and

Charles and His wife at their church.

Charles was born in Mubaku.  His family moved to Kampala where he received his schooling.    When he traveled back to his home village he always was aware of how little opportunity existed.   He became a professional tourist guide in 2007 and saw that he could help improve his home village.  He founded MUCCO with many of the leaders of the village.  He has helped establish the school, found employment for village musicians at a local lodge and brought volunteers to help Mubaku in many ways.  When not working on MUCCO tasks he runs Pamoja Safaris.


Charles Oyer (Chairman) and Ozhelle Hosea Gilbert (Head Teacher) at the school construction site.