Mubaku Educational Foundation

Mubaku Educational Foundation (MEF) is a California non-profit corporation and has been recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization by the IRS (#83-3206945).  100% of your tax-deductible donations are being used to support the mission.   The board covers all legal and tax expenses of MEF.

Our Mission:

Mubaku Educational Foundation is founded on the belief that when we work together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of children throughout our world.  Our mission is to help support the children and their families, along with the staff of the Bright Future School, in Mubaku, Uganda. To this end, we perform fundraising to support and sponsor children, to support educational staff, to provide materials and supplies, and to build and enhance classrooms, in the community of Mubaku, Uganda.

Goals of Mubaku Educational Foundation:

  1. Build and Furnish Classrooms; Current goal is to raise funds to build classrooms and multipurpose rooms for Bright Future Nursery and Primary School.
  2. Sponsor Children’s Education; Current goal is to recruit sponsors for 175 Students.
  3. Sponsor School Administrator Salaries (Head Teacher, school administrator, student sponsorship coordinator) and support teacher training.
  4. Support Women’s Empowerment Center/Group
  5. Build and Operate Dorms for Girls and Boys; Future goal is to raise funds to build both girls and boys. dorm.  The plan was to build the girl’s dorm first, but building the girl’s and boy’s dorms as one building sharing a common middle wall and fencing saves a significant amount of money,
  6. Build Teacher Housing; Future goal is to raise funds to build teacher housing.
  7. Build School Kitchen; Future goal is to raise funds to build a school kitchen with a meal program.
  8. Scholarships for Secondary Education; Future goal is to raise funds to provide scholarships for secondary education.


Fundraising is done through meetings, websites, Facebook, PayPal, Gofundme, and other tools. These activities are done by the directors of Mubaku Education Foundation and volunteers to help raise funds are always appreciated.

History of  the Mubaku Educational Foundation (MEF):

August 2, 2018, Mihingo Lodge, Uganda L to R: Peter, Lisa-Ann, Charles Oyer, Gayle and Michael

In 2018,  We (Lisa-Ann Galati/Peter Roth and Michael & Gayle Hughes) decided to go to Uganda to see the mountain Gorillas.  While on safari in Uganda, our guide, Charles Oyer,  asked if we wanted to see the village where he was born.  We went to the village school, which was meeting under a shade structure and had 125 kids attending with three teachers.  Over the next week, we learned more about the school. The people of Mubaku Village had set up the Mubaku Community Conservation Organization (MUCCO), a not-for-profit Community Based Organization (CBO), to start the school and do other activities to help the Community.  The biggest problem was that visitors from the USA and Europe had no easy way to give to the school once they got home. The only way to get money to Uganda was to wire it.  Unfortunately, the wire was both complicated and fees consumed most small donations.     By creating the Mubaku Educational Foundation we enabled people to contribute online, thereby simplifying the donation process while minimizing its cost.

Upon our return to California, a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit corporation was started and on March 11, 2019, the Mubaku Educational Foundation (MEF) was granted tax-exempt 501(c)3 status by the IRS. (#83-3206945) retroactive to November 2018.  Required filing fees are covered by MEF officers.  No charitable contributions are used for required government fees.

A guiding principle of MEF is that we support the village decisions made through MUCCO.   The village sets the direction and priorities for the school and we raise funds to support their efforts.

In November 2018, Charles Oyer traveled to the United States to hold fundraising events for the first brick building.  Events were held in the San Francisco Bay Area,  Orange,  Ventura, and Los Angels Counties.

Nov 10, 2018, Ventura County, Charles and the Board Left to Right: Michael, Gayle, Charles, Lisa-Ann, and Peter

MEF Officers:

No MEF officers receive compensation for their efforts.


MEF Address:

Mubaku Educational Foundation
12970 Andalusia Dr.
Santa Rosa Valley, CA




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