The first school building is finished, but we have only started

In 2014, the Mubaku community was in desperate need of a school, so the village started one, with only one teacher for 60 children. They met under a tree.  Over time, tourists gave enough for them to purchase land and build a shade structure.  In late 2018 and early 2019, fundraising campaigns in the village, Europe, and North America raised enough from 190 donors to build and furnish the first four classrooms, an office, and a storage room.  On September 8th, the new school was dedicated.

L to R: Nancy Wright, Hon. Bigirwa Nora, Michael Hughes, Kim Sandnes, Charles Oyer, Rich Sandnes, Allan Wright, Gayle Hughes

September 8th 2019, was truly a memorable day! Six donors from California had the honor of attending the Official Opening Celebration of the four completed Bright Future Nursery and Primary School classrooms and the latrine building.  The Hon. Bigirwa Nora, the female Member of Parliament for the Bulissa District, spoke and cut the ribbon to open the school officially.

Cutting the ribbon! L to R: Donata Kasangaki (School Treasurer), Hon. Bigirwa Nora, Charles Oyer (founder), Ozhelle Ghilbert (headteacher)

It was a day of celebration, music, dancing, village fundraising, and also a time to honor the top students from each academic level.     As was evidenced on the day of the celebration, the new classrooms have already become a vital part of the village.  Hundreds traveled a great distance on foot to attend the opening celebration, many of whom took refuge in the classrooms overnight due to a great thunderstorm and downpour that made travel to their homes very difficult, if not impossible.  (Note:  Rain during a celebration is considered a blessing in Uganda.)

As of September 2019, there are now 8 teachers with 175 children attending the school.   They have already outgrown our new building and are still using the shade structure for the nursery school classes.  There are still just as many kids in the village whose parents can’t afford to send all their children to school.  The villagers are mostly subsistence farmers with little income.

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There is so much more to do!  We need more classrooms, more school supplies,  more teachers, dorms, housing for teachers, a kitchen for the school, and much more.

The school has come a long way!

The original shade structure school.  Now being used just for the Nursery School. 

November 7, 2019.  The new building.  Click to see Primary School grounds.


Sept 8, 2019  Dedication of the school

The teachers and school board  L to R; Birungi Bashaba, Aweko Rosemary, Ayiorwoth Oliver, Parmu Robert, Michan Patrick, Ozelle Hosea Gilbert, Charles Oyer, and Donata Kasangaki.

View of the crowd at the dedication.  This is where the parents of students sat.


The children with the highest grades were honored during the dedication. The parents were so excited that they danced up with their kids — such joy.


There was so much dancing at the dedication.  It was interesting how this dance started with just one woman singing, and then drums were added.  Then people started joining in.  It was so fun!

This is what matters to us. Students arriving to use a school to gain the advantage that education will give them, their families, and their village.

Students arriving at the school for the building’s first day of use, July 24, 2019

Click to view all construction progress photos of the four-room schoolhouse

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