Our program is based on the mission statement
“To build a free poverty community of Uganda through community conservation and education programs”.
  • To carry on business as cultural organization, cultural tour and travel agents, contractors and facilitate traveling to cultural destinations or points of interests and to provide for tourists and travelers transportation throughout Cultural set up around Murchison Falls National Park and  elsewhere.
  • To provide Safe Water System (SWS) to the community by installing solar water pumps or boreholes that provide free water bone diseases and  thus saving lives of everybody for development of the area.
  • To conserve African cultures in order to provide Ugandan cultural experience to tourists for fund raising support to the local needy community   like education to young ones, orphans and support elderly people who can’t sustain themselves due to age.
  • To work in partnership with national park community to combat drastic increase of poaching by person or persons bordering the parks by  establishing social economic projects in the community.
  • To arrange and undertake tours of Uganda National parks, towns, villages, lakes rivers, holidays resorts, mountains and other diverse areas of   natural and historical heritage using roads and other forms of transport.
  • To carry out activities in preventing HIV/AIDS, a situation which is on the rise due to oil industrialization.
  • To conserve the environment by planting trees for purpose of balancing the environment biodiversity.
  • To build schools, hospitals, Aged Person Camp (APC) to provide education and health security to the local community.
  • To solicit financial assistance for completing tasks of the organization.
  • To do all such other things as will be deemed necessary to the realization of community development based on such objectives of the  organization.
This is one of the trees planted 03 June, 2014 by group of tourist who visited Murchison Falls National Park. Putnam was the team leader and Oyer Charles with camera was one of the trip guides. It was a great day, dances were performed as well as donations. Cultural performance called “Adungu” of Alur tribe done occassionally at the landing site of Murchison Falls National Park Northern bank – Paraa. The contribution given is to sponser education of orphans, disables persons and motivate participants. Soccer Club (Team of village youth) has done tremendous improvement in the community like:Reduced number of idlers in the community. Increased soccer skills to youths. Improved life skills like discipline, because they are taught with good manners like a player should not abuse drugs etc.