Jan 24, 2021 UPDATE: Due to generous gifts quickly received,  The school has been repaired!

The wall has been rebuilt

The inside just needs another coat of plaster.

On Tuesday, Dec 8, Mubaku was hit by a freak thunderstorm with very strong winds.   The end wall of the school building was damaged while the school was in session. Fortunately, that classroom was not occupied when bricks fell into the room as only the two upper grades have been allowed to reopen due to government COVID19 restrictions. 

The top of the wall collapsed and there are cracks in the rest of the wall.

According to the teachers on-site, they thought it was an earthquake as the whole building shook. 

We have an urgent need for a few thousand dollars to rebuild the wall,  repair the roof and replace the damaged doors on the school latrine. 

The new building which contains three nursery and lower grade classrooms and the women’s empowerment center appears to have suffered no damage.  We still need to raise about $8,000 to complete and furnish the second building but repairing the existing building is the main priority. 

In addition, Crops were destroyed, trees uprooted and homes were damaged. As far as we know no one in the community was seriously injured. 

If you are willing to help please go to Mubakuschool.org/donate 

Any amount will help.